At 6:45 p.m. before each Masterworks performance, the ASO offers a FREE pre-concert conversation in the Maryland Hall auditorium, designed to enhance and enrich the experience of those attending that evening’s performance. Led by Dr. Rachel Franklin, distinguished lecturer and pianist, these insightful conversations provide musical and historical context and perspective to the evening's repertoire. Dr. Franklin’s sessions have been praised by ASO patrons as both highly entertaining and enlightening.


Patrons are encouraged to view program notes for the Masterworks repertoire. These program notes contain historical and biographical information on the composer and also include sound-bites from the scheduled works, providing an interactive way to learn about ASO programming. Concert-goers who take advantage of these educational features indicate a greater appreciation for the concerts and an increased level of insight and enjoyment of the music performed.

Program Notes

Masterworks 1

Masterworks 2

Masterworks 3

Masterworks 4

Masterworks 5