Front and Center: The Concerto, A Musical Triangle

A superb concerto performance is one of the great emotional highs of the concert experience. Concertos can be intimate, grand, virtuosic, or downright gladiatorial. Little can beat the adrenalin rush that we feel when the soloist thunders at top speed towards a colossal musical peak, with the orchestra surging massively just behind. (Just think Rachmaninoff!)

But how did this singularly theatrical art form evolve, and why does it remain as popular with audiences as ever?

Dr. Rachel Franklin invites you to journey with us this season to explore the powerful social experience of the Concerto and how it all unfolds when you bring together composer, conductor, soloist, orchestra and the audience.

Spring Session, Tuesday March 27 & April 3: The Audience & The Stage

A dazzled look at the birth of the artist superstar and what it meant for the audience experience..

Each Session is $40 - Space is Limited! Enroll today!

All sessions start at 7 p.m. and are held at Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts.