Symphony Study: Winter Session

In the second Symphony Study Series session of the year, explore Beethoven the Myth and other historical events accompanied by great compositions.

January 24:Beethoven the Myth

Why Beethoven? And why so much of him? In the 2018-19 season, where we showcase the great Symphony No. 9, it's appropriate that we dive into Beethoven's very busy side-gig, the sound-tracking of hundreds of films. His “brand” is so embedded in Western culture that most of the time we don’t even notice he’s secretly driving our movie experience

January 31: Corsets, Kilts, and Swashbuckles

If it's Handel, there must be corsets and wigs! Barber's Adagio for Strings evokes searing images of tragedy. Rachmaninov signals the weepiest of romances. And Wagner recalls images of bomb-spraying Valkyrian helicopters come to mind. Explore how scores written for a different time are used in movies and film.

Symphony Study: Spring Session

In the third and final Symphony Study Series session of the year, explore the Popular Sounds of the Cinema with Dr. Rachel Franklin.

April 4 & 11: Oscars, Opera, and Irony

The fusion of classical music into popular culture is so complete that most listeners have absolutely no idea where their favorite tropes come from. Over these final two lectures, we explore the astonishingly varied use of concert masterpieces in film, from slasher and sci-fi to satire and gangster genres.

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